Admission to self-regulatory organisation

A self-regulatory organisation is fully responsible for the work of its client companies. A company aspiring to join a self-regulatory organisation must pay for the procedure, thus contributing to the organisation’s compensation fund.

Admission to self-regulatory organisation is an obligatory document confirming the right to operate in construction field.  To obtain this document, the organisation must comply with the requirement and prepare the set of documents required for licensing. If an organisation performs construction works without being a self-regulatory organisation member, it may face considerable fine in accordance with the legislation.

Advantages of joining a self-regulatory organisation

Below are the main advantages of self-regulatory organisations:

  1. When you join the organisation, you may be sure that your lawful rights and interests will be respected and protected.
  2. Another benefit of joining a self-regulatory organisation lies with increased quality of work. The organisation makes inspection visits and planned checks to establish the competence of the companies and their quality of work.
  3. A self-regulatory organisation supports and assists its members, notifies them of amendments to legal requirements, organizes seminars on self-regulation, as well as considers construction works related issues.
  4. A certificate of admission to a self-regulatory organisation acts as a safety guarantee and mitigates unwanted risks.
  5. The document entitles the holder to take part of profitable deals, tender and to receive bonuses for successfully completed projects.

Expulsion from a self-regulatory organisation

Sometimes, the admission to a self-regulatory organisation becomes invalid. This may happen for a number of reasons:

  • the organisation violates technical safety requirements during production activity;
  • the organisation violates admission issuing rules or fails to observe self-regulation rules;
  • the organisation lack admission to a self-regulatory organisation for at least one type of construction works performed;
  • the organisation fails to pay membership fees.

How to obtain an admission to a self-regulatory organisation

To obtain an admission to a self-regulatory organisation promptly we recommend you to address our company. Our expert will provide you with the list of documents required, the application form, and will help you choose an appropriate package.

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