Fire safety declaration

Fire safety declaration is a document confirming the compliance of a facility with the legal fire safety standards. We carry out enterprise checks and assist our client in preparing all the necessary documents.


The fire safety declaration is obtained in two stages:

  1. First, the evacuation exist are checked and the functioning fire alarm system of the facility is examined. Besides, the experts study the documents related to fire protection measures, such as staff briefing, etc.
  2. Second, the results are documented and transferred to the customer.

What is fire safety declaration

Any fire safety declaration conforming with the current legislation should include:

  1. Assessment of fire hazard. This is an obligatory aspect for all manufacturing facilities that show certain non-compliances with legal requirements for fire safety.
  2. Amount of property damages payable in case of fire. This may be determined by the customer or by an expert. The total amount of damages is calculated based on the cost of facilities at the production site, as well as firebreaks between the facilities.
  3. List of official documents and requirements to be observed. This aspect is the most extensive of the entire document.

Mind that fire safety declaration must be reissued every 5 years.

Order a fire safety declaration

To find out the cost of assessment and preparation of all required documents, contact our expert, who will inform you of all details and of the cost of the service.

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