Sales training

Looking to increase sales volume?

We offer increasing your company’s conversion rate and busting the sales volume on a turnkey basis — you pay for the result.

— Sales audit in 1 week. Get an outside perspective on why your sales are low. We will not charge you unless you learn something from the audit that you could apply to improve your performance.

— Comprehensive sales development: marketing, SEO, SMM, call-centres, drawing sales scripts, hiring efficient salespeople, building incentives system, etc.

— Skill-oriented training from practitioners. We will find trainers versed in your field. We offer a wide range of subjects for a more tailored approach.

— We do not leave to struggle on your own after the trainings! Continuous support and knowledge consolidation training will allow you to start using the skills you have learned to increase your sales efficiency.

How our trainings are different?

  • Theory to practice ratio: 20% to 80%. All theory is linked to practice
  • The training has a clear and intelligible structure, which allows to build a system for efficient work in sales and for self-development of each participant.
  • The participants acquire skills and experience while doing specially designed individual and group tasks.
  • The trainer monitors the engagement of every participant.
  • Each of the training blocks reflects typical situations the participants face.
  • Feedback by the participants and the trainer helps consolidate the fresh skills.

Training subjects examples:

  • Price contradictions
  • Neurolinguistic programming in sales
  • Business communication: analysis and planning
  • Shape and develop your rhetoric and argumentation skills
  • Efficient communication: decision-making
  • Motivation and self-motivation in sales
  • Resources state management in sales
  • Personal development for salespeople
  • Prevention of burn-out for salespeople
  • “Accessing” key client: strategy and tactics

Useful information on sales training:

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