Promotion of a medical website

Many website owners do not see any use in promotion. They claim that their business offers, business cards and other corporate advertising materials already contain a link to their website. This approach leaves a huge multimillion potential clients audience out of your reach.

Do you want your business to expand and client database to grow continuously? In this case, website promotion is essential for you, as otherwise your website performance will not be efficient enough.

Even a most high-quality, expensive and original website fails to sell without due attention. Skilful SEO-promotion is an efficient and sure way of attracting your target audience and boosting your sales.

SEO-promotion includes a series of measures aimed at increasing the number of website visitors through target searches, capable of raising the number of calls and requests from the most loyal customers on the web — those who found your website on their own.

Website promotion package.

Website, subject and competition analysis

All projects start with analysis. It allows to detect the need of global changes at the project’s first stage, as well as calculate the budget for the project promotion, including content, links, programmer and other costs.

Designing an efficient website

It is not a mistake that design comes second in the list, as this is the most efficient approach to project implementation, that is, the least costly option for the client. Often websites are created without consideration of expert SEO data, as business newbies often seem to believe that launching a website is the most important task, only later do they realise that without promotion or advertising, their website will not generate new clients.

Correction of technical errors and general website improvement.

  • The expert eliminates on-page SEO errors, creates landing pages for search groups, and deletes double pages. This requires technical audit of the website, which serves as a basis for the on-page SEO task.

  • Forms for subscription, call back, online consultation and other interactive elements are designed.

Quality content is worked out.

High content quality is of primary importance in SEO.  Here it is not the website design that matters (although the design, too, is essential), but the content as even the highest position at the top of the search results page will not help keep a user at a website that lacks interesting and useful information.

Many may be tempted to hire a SEO company that promises to do the entire job as long as you pay them on time, but you should remember that nobody knows the services you provide better than you, that is why website content should be worked out by a SEO expert in close collaboration with the client.

Create landing pages.

If the user gets a completely inappropriate result for their search, then it is highly probable that they stop using the resource. That is why page editing for a more complete and precise correlation with the users’ searches is essential for a successful website.

Improving website usability

Do search engine algorithms take behavioural factors into account, that is, the way the user interacts with the website? They surely do, and a lot so.

That is why it is important to work on:

  • user’s not returning to the search result;

  • reducing the number of refusals;

  • increasing the time the user spends at the website.

Website adaptation for mobile devices

This significantly increases the visibility of your website in mobile users’ searches; conversions from mobile devices will grow.

Off-page SEO

We are active at thematic platforms; the more high-quality thematic platforms quote you, the higher your authority with search engines.

Such promotion does not only get you to the top of search engine pages, but allows you to remain there for a long time. Compared to other marketing tools, this space is not bought.

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