28th International Exhibition “Healthcare-2018”

From December 03 to December 07, 2018, the 28th International Exhibition “Healthcare-2018” was held at the Expocenter (Moscow), in which Universal Pravo LLC took part (mount 22Е96).

Exhibition “Healthcare-2018” is the largest in the Russian Federation, each year presenting many modern products and services in the medical field. The preparation for the exhibition of Universal Pravo LLC was organized in advance by the General Director Portnaya Alexandra Igorevna. Such advance preparation made it possible to fully communicate with both the participants and visitors of the exhibition.

Medical equipment, medical devices and consumables, which were presented by more than 650 companies from 25 countries, as well as 69 cities of Russia, were the main topics of the exhibition. The exhibits included X-ray diagnostic devices (mobile and stationary), magnetic resonance scanners, incubators and open resuscitation systems, electrosurgical devices, modern suture materials, materials and instruments for bone plastics and maxillofacial surgery and many, many others. In addition to domestic manufacturers, manufacturers of medical products from near and far abroad were also interested in being on the Russian market.

However, for legal application, and not only for the production and sale of medical devices, the registration of medical devices in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as the EEU countries is necessary. Each medical device must have a registration certificate containing all relevant information about both the product and the manufacturer.

In addition to medical devices, the exhibition contained various events: the International Scientific and Practical Forum “Russian Health Care Week-2018”, the international festival of active lifestyle and health MedTravelFest, the international forum on the prevention of noncommunicable diseases and the formation of a healthy lifestyle “For a healthy life”, the topics of sanatorium-resort treatment and health tourism as well as others were presented. As part of the exhibition, round tables were also organized where participants discussed current issues of introducing innovative medical technologies.

The participants and visitors of “Healthcare-2018” exhibition had the opportunity to receive comprehensive information on the full life cycle of any medical product, of which the registration of a medical product is an integral and necessary part. The experts of Universal Pravo LLC provided information on the conditions and procedure for registering medical devices at Roszdravnadzor. Leading expert of Universal Pravo LLC Morozov Alexey Anatolyevich and General Director Portnaya Aleksandra Igorevna conducted consultations, during which both participants and visitors received information of interest to them on the intricacies of the process of registration and testing of medical devices, on the legal and most effective solution of their problems during the registration process.

At the end of the exhibition, General Director Portnaya Aleksandra Igorevna and specialists of Universal Pravo LLC noted the high demand for registration services for medical devices among exhibitors and visitors, since in this specialized area it is very difficult to stay relevant and meet the current requirements of Rozdravnadzor. However, experts of Universal Pravo LLC are ready to help manufacturers register and pass tests for any medical device.

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